I Want It Now

Delayed gratification can be one of the most challenging principles to practice. The idea of putting off something today for a better tomorrow, for the sake of being a responsible person, can sometimes seem un-appealing. In order to change our perspective, we have to look at the core of the opposite mindset, immediate gratification. This antithesis that says “I want it now” is birthed out of insecurity that believes that if i don’t get this “_____” now, I will not have the opportunity in the future. (The blank could be a purchase, job, relationship, or anything… ) Its the fear of loss combined with the fear of failure. 

There is a school of thought that says “The opportunity of a lifetime has to be redeemed in the lifetime of the opportunity”. This statement would only be true if there is really only one opportunity. We do not see our life in completion, so we never fully know how our decisions cause a ripple effect on the rest of our life, or the lives of the people we interact with (intentionally or un-intentionally). Because of this limited vantage point, we cannot operate in fear. We must believe the idea that, if "I pass on this particular opportunity, it will not be the last one" and, "I am only going to get better as time progresses, which will allow for more and better opportunities." 

So with every crossroad we come to, we have to ask ourselves “Is this really what’s best in the grand scheme of things?” If it's not, we need to develop the confidence to pass on it for now. 

An opportunity missed is not necessarily an opportunity lost!

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