“Chris Knox and I have worked on several recording projects at this point and I can honestly say that he is the ultimate professional. Chris shows up for his sessions on time, prepared to go to work from the moment he arrives at the sessions. Not only is he prepared, but also makes the recording process painless in the sense that he knows what he needs and wants to hear for him to perform to his best ability. Chris is also a team player, seems to know when to speak his mind, and gets the job done.”

Tim Kimsey
Grammy Award Winning Engineer

“I have had the pleasure of working with Chris Knox on a number of projects over the last couple of years. He is driven, highly professional, extremely competent, very knowledgeable and efficient.

Chris is a vital part of our production/ministry team because I know that he will always be prepared, and he brings a lot of business acumen and music industry knowledge to the table. I believe that great things are in store for Chris in the future, and I am glad to be able to say that he is a strong teammate and a close, family friend.”

Joel B. McCray
Founder of J & B Music Ministries

“Chris Knox is what I would consider a drummer that keeps it together. After having the pleasure of working with him for more than five years I have grown a respect for his musicality that I don’t share with many others. Chris has proven himself to be more than just a drummer; but instead he is a true musician. I have seen this technical genius assist in turning individual instrumentalist into a storybook band.

Chris has seemingly perfected his rhythmic placement that helps to gel a band together, and keeps them rocking to the end of every song. His professionalism, consistency, humility, drive, and attention to the detail in his playing are truly the reasons I continue to call for his services and refer him to others. I remember sitting in the studio with him after recording a song that I had written and his first critique of himself was, “My 16th notes on beat two of my solo weren’t clean, I think I need to do it again.” That is the type of detail that makes everything he touches work, with the expectation of perfection. Chris Knox is a musician that happens to play the drums melodically and mellifluously causing everyone that takes the stand with him to heighten their level of play.”

Antoine Chambers
Lace Productions

“As an audio tech and musician I have performed and worked with musicians from lots of different walks of life. In my experience I have found that genuine musicians are becoming rare. Sure it’s good to have talent and ability but without being goal oriented and grounded in the basic studies of music I would call them aspiring at best. I am glad to say that Chris Knox is just the opposite of lazy and lax in his studies and preparation. It shows with his building on natural talent and musicality through his knowledge of music theory, application, and precise execution. Chris Knox truly demonstrates the rewards of being a diligent
musician and person in life.”

Tim Meekins
Audio Tech/musician
CEO of Meek Multimedia Productions

“Chris Knox is not only a ‘class A’ great drummer, musician and teacher but is a great person. His humble and giving personality make him a pleasure to work with as well as to be around.”

Carlos Benson, Director
Drummers for Jesus International

“Chris Knox is exceptional in every way! His wealth of knowledge and extraordinary skills makes him an inspiring instructor as well as a diverse and seasoned drummer.”

Lil Mike Mitchell
Chris’ Student

“Chris Knox is one of my favorite drummers as well as favorite people in the world. Chris is a man that is dependable and that always produces character and integrity. Of course he is always on it musically!”

Tim Clifton
Artist/Song Writer/Producer

“The first thought that comes to mind to describe Chris Knox is a solid guy. His solid character emits from him, every time he plays-you can actually feel his authenticity, integrity, and solidity that few musicians, or even people, possess.”

Roy Cotton II
Founder/President of The Shed Foundation

"Chris Knox is a gifted drummer with an exceptional “feel” for perfection. He views his kit as the foundation for the unified sound of the band. Most of all, his commitment to excellence is contagious.”

Harold Rayford

“Chris Knox is a man that lives and plays in the pocket. More than the tempo but Life…”

Demetrius McClendon
One Church, Pastor

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