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Chris Knox Masterclass DVD
  • Chris Knox Masterclass DVD
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"The perfect teaching tool!" - Gerald Heyward (Drummer for Chris Brown)

"...You bless thousands and thousands of musicians with your insight, experience, and professional performances." - Jeff Lo' Davis (Godfather of modern gospel drumming) 

“An excellent tool for any aspiring drummer who wants to become
a well rounded musician!" - Derico Watson (Drummer for Victor Wooten)

"Chris is an outstanding player and informative instructor who presents his well organized information in insightful and inspiring ways."
Nate Morton (Drummer for "The Voice")

You get a front row seat to experience Chris Knox from his master class, Transitioning from Drummer to Musician, where he walks you through the stages of musical development. He shares concepts that can immediately transform your perspective of how you approach learning and playing.

He shares practical information and exercises (with downloadable PDF files) that will help technique, drum set-up, vocabulary, fills, and more. He also shares information that will serve as inspiration to motivate you towards success in career and in life.

There is also live performance footage with an all-star band featuring Joel McCray (Keys), Derrick Horne (Guitar), Jay Sanford (Bass), and Quamon Fowler (Sax/EWI).

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Melodic Drumming  - Book
  • Melodic Drumming  - Book
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The objective of Melodic Drumming is to stimulate creativity and musicality. The book provides challenges but at the same time it contains terminology that is easily understood. The exercises focus on the development of control, speed, and technical facility around the drum set. Through the study of melodically designed exercises, as well as hand and feet coordination exercises, you will be able to develop an unlimited amount of new musical ideas for grooves and drum fills to be used in a variety of different tempos and/or genres.

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Session / Production / Consultation Fee
  • Session / Production / Consultation Fee

Type of Service

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Recording or Production Services
• $100 Per Hour
• 2 Hour Minimum
• Please Contact Chris for more details
Discount available for projects 8 hours or more.

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Private Lesson: 4 Pack
  • Private Lesson: 4 Pack
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Private Lesson: 4 Pack
• Available In Person or Online
• Includes (4) 60 Min time sessions
• Payment due at the beginning of first session
• All time must be used within a 6 week period

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Intensive Studies
  • Intensive Studies
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Intensive Studies:
• Available In Person or Online
• Includes 2 or more lessons per week
• Lessons 1 or more hours each
• Allows most comprehensive study and focused plan on multiple topics
• Designed for optimum level of development
• $50 per hour
• 10 hour per month minimum*

*Qty field should include total hours for month

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